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PEACH PEAR – A juicy, fresh crisp pear-filled inhale, with just the right amount of luscious peach to sweeten this flavour up and bring it to the next level!

STRAWBERRY KIWI – A sweet, sugared fresh strawberry followed by a mild tart kiwi blast! This succulent flavour is the King of sweet, juicy vapes. The be-all, end-all for all Sweet Strawberry Lovers out there!

WATERMELON LIMEA vibrant blast of sweet watermelon and fresh-picked limes. This intricate flavour takes watermelon to new heights; a juicy pink melon start, crisped up by an almost sour surge of lime for a flavour-packed vape without being too intense to appreciate all day long. An accurate, true lime base!

BLUEBERRY LEMON – This sugary-sweet elixir combines plump, juicy blueberries with a generous stream of hand-squeezed lemonade for a fresh twist. Bright, refreshing and irresistably delicious.

PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT – A wonderful combination of tart, zesty pineapple and energizing pink grapefruit creates a divine mixture that will turn even the harshest skeptic into a true believer.

Guava Peach: Let this smooth fusion carry you back to sweeter, sunnier days. Luscious, sun-warmed peaches shine first, striking the perfect balance between syrupy-sweet and delicately tart. Next, a sugary wave of revitalizing pink guava is sure to dazzle your tastebudsand take the edge off. Completely captivating from inhale to exhale, this sigh-inducing elixir is pure magic.

MANGO STRAWBERRY – This delicious flavour features ripe strawberries with a gorgeous balance of golden mango.

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