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Level X – Unleashed:

Epic Apple Peach - A burst of crisp sour apple swirling with a fresh peachy tang.

Epic Apple - A bright quenching apple flavour with a full refreshing bite.

Epic Banana - Ripe banana packed with all its decadent and soft delicate flavour.

Epic Berry Swirl - A swirl of bursting berries that exude the taste of fresh blueberry, acai, blackberry, raspberry, and red currant.

Epic Blue Razz - An electric full-berry flavour with blue sour notes.

Epic Fruit Bomb - Exploding with mounds of fruity flavour capturing notes of apple, grape, watermelon, strawberry, lemon and orange making for the ultimate combination.

Epic Grape - Wildly fresh grapes bursting with tart excellence and full flavour.

Epic Honeydew Blackcurrant - A perfect blend of refreshing honeydew and tart blackcurrant merge for an earthy succulent profile.

Epic Kiwi Mango - The tropical fusion of green kiwi and notes of lush mango binds an irresistibly bright composition.

Epic Peach Mango - Luscious peach goodness paired with subtle hints of mango creates an oasis of rich flavour.

Epic Peppermint - A cooling peppermint blast with bold icy flavour that enhances the refreshing undertones.

Epic Sour Berries - An eruption of enjoyably sour berries fortified with equal parts of bursting fresh flavour.

Epic Strawberry - Wildly ripe notes of strawberry create a consistently fresh flavour.

Epic Strawberry Watermelon - A brilliant blend of ripe strawberries and wild watermelon embraces its dominant notes of summer delight.

Epic Watermelon Kiwi - Waves of green kiwi and wonderous watermelon unite to give a tangy long-lasting flavour.

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