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BALI BLAST: Sweet mango Nectar infused with passion fruit and just a touch of guava for a full blast of flavour!

BERRY COVE: A quadruple blend of berry goodness. Tart Raspberries blended with black currant, blackberry, and blueberry.

FIJI BERRY: Strawberry kiwi blended with sweet dark berries for the perfect twist on a classic flavour!

ISLAND BREEZE: Tart raspberries and green apples mixed with sweet ripe watermelon bring the perfect taste of the islands!

MAUI WOWIE: Cool down the heat wave with this tropical blend of Peach, orange and pineapple goodness.

STRAWBERRY SURF: A magnificent flavour wave of sweet Strawberry, raspberry and lychee

TIKI PUNCH: Tropical red fruit punch served up with a splash of sour limeade boasting a tropical punch of all day vape goodness!

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