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CACTUS: A unique blend of cactus and blue razz now with a frosty exhale.

DRAGON FRUIT: Exotic dragonfruit blended with blue raspberry and a cool exhale.

GRAPE: Sour Blue raspberry blended with sweet grape and ice.

GUAVA: Zesty guava and Blue raspberry served up ice cold.

LIME: Tangy lime accented with blue raspberry and a frosty finish.

PEACH: Ripe peach paired with blue raspberry served with an icy finish.

POMEGRANATE: Juicy pomegranate and blue raspberry blended over ice.

RASPBERRY: A double punch of red and blue sour raspberry with a cool finish.

RED APPLE: Sweet red apple and blue raspberry with a cold exhale.

STRAWBERRY: Ripe strawberry and sour blue raspberry blended with ice.

WATERMELON: Sweet watermelon and blue raspberry frosted with ice.

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