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Apple Papi CHILLIN: CHILLIN Apple Papi by Allday Vapor is a frosted red Fuji apple that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Blitz CHILLIN: CHILLIN Blitz by Allday Vapor is a burst of refreshing watermelon that has been kept chilled to give a cool low mint sensation!

Haka Punch CHILLIN: Looking for something refreshing to vape this summer? CHILLIN Haka Punch by Allday Vapor is a fruity blend of succulent pineapple, guava and other tropical fruits into one refreshing low mint e-juice!

Meloha CHILLIN: CHILLIN Meloha by Allday Vapor brings together strawberry, banana and melon flavours into one chilled low mint e-juice!

Mucho Mang-O CHILLIN: CHILLIN Mucho Mang-O by Allday Vapor is ripe mangos, chilled to perfection!

Verry Berri CHILLIN: CHILLIN Verry Berri by Allday Vapor is a tangy blue raspberry, with hidden notes of icy mixed berries!

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